Magnanni Shoes – Italian Or Spanish Shoes?

Magnanni shoes have become a household name among discerning men who know what to look for in a fine pair of handmade shoes. It’s the exquisite leathers, the impeccable attention to detail, and the marriage of old style shoemaking and modern technology that have made Magnanni a global icon in the men’s shoe business.

And would you expect anything less from an Italian shoemaker? The country has dominated the designer shoe manufacturing market for years, with royalty and celebrities the world over seeking out the many fine italian shoemakers that have taken their collections global. But wait, these are spanish shoes. Magnanni has put Spain on the map with arguably a top five luxury men’s shoe collection that is often mistaken for an italian shoe. The shoes upon inspection reflect a Spanish flair that is unmistakable, but the country has never been known for making impeccable, globally recognized footwear, and so the mistake is often made. Beautiful Italian shoe, made in Spain.

Times change, and the internet has taken products and brands that were once restricted by national and continental boundaries into the global marketplace. Once Google search for Magnanni shoes will show you just how many retailers are carrying this incredibly successful Spanish shoe line. If you think you are a men’s shoe lover, you haven’t done your due diligence until you’ve tried a Magnanni. Their full collection includes everything you could possibly need, casuals, dress shoes, exotics, slip ons, and boots. Slip on a pair of Magnanni’s and slip into luxury.


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