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The Relatives Pronouns In Spanish

The Relatives are pronouns used to link two ideas. Here we have a list of them:
QUE: It is usually used with a preposition; in that case, we need to add an article between the Relative and the preposition. These articles agree in number and gender with the subject.

La casa con jardín en la que crecí estaba al lado de un río. (The house with a garden where I grew up was next to a river.)

Los amigos de la escuela, con los que salí ayer, siempre han sido muy buenos amigos. (The friends from school, with whom I went out yesterday, have always been very good friends.)

Pay attention to the above sentences.

The sentences where I can find two different ideas are called “Especificativas”, like the first one, and when the relative is used to introduce some information that is not important, the phrase with relative goes between parenthesis, and these sentences are called “Explicativas”.

EL CUAL/LA CUAL/LOS CUALES/LAS CUALES: In a formal situation, it is frequent to use these relatives to replace QUE.

For example: Los amigos de la escuela, con los cuales salí ayer, siempre han sido muy buenos amigos. (The school friends, with whom I went out yesterday, have always been very good friends.)

Voy a usar para la fiesta un vestido rojo, el cual voy a llevarlo con zapatos negros. (I am going to use to go to the party in a red dress, which I will take it with black shoes.)
QUIEN/QUIENES: It only has a human antecedent. And when the phrase needs a preposition we use it without an article.

El chico con quien salí ayer, es el primo de Victoria. (The guy with whom I went out with yesterday, is the cousin of Victoria.)

La camarera, quien tiene muy lindos ojos, trabaja aquí hace mucho tiempo. (The waitress, who has very pretty eyes, has worked here for a while.)

When Quien or Quienes is the subject in the sentence, it goes without preposition.
Quienes quieran ir a la playa, que se pongan bronceador. (Those who want to go to the beach should put on sunscreen.)

DONDE: We use it to speak about localization.

El pueblo donde nací se llama Baradero. (The town where I was born is called Baradero).

It is possible to use it with prepositions.

La zona hacia donde vamos es un poco peligrosa. (The zone toward where we are going is a little dangerous.)

CUYO/A/OS/AS: It has a possessive value. It agrees with gender and number with the substantive that follows.

Let´s pay attention to the next two phrases:

El hombre de aquella mesa es muy extraño. Los zapatos de ese hombre son amarillos. (The man at that table is very weird. That man’s shoes are yellow.)

El hombre de aquella mesa, cuyos zapatos son amarillos, es muy extraño. (The man at that table, whose shoes are yellow, is very strange.)

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